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Do you love your garden but find yourself struggling for help or advice when sudden problems come up? Are you searching for a place to vent, share your knowledge or meet similar garden-loving people? Here at MyGarden, we have found a way to give you what you need.

The MyGarden’s forum is like a virtual garden club—without fees or membership dues. We have over 15 categories to make sure you find what you want in a minimum amount of time.

Joining is Easy

Joining is an easy painless process. Simply click on our forum link on the left hand side of the website and register your MyGarden account. You will soon have access to our friendly, happy and informative message boards. MyGarden memberships are free of charge, simply type in your name, email address and select your personalized username and password. It is that easy.

Active Members

Unlike other forums around the Internet, we have a community of active members who love to share their advice and give comments. It is a welcoming atmosphere no matter what your gardening skill is. You are certain to get a response within hours, even minutes. Our members are so friendly. It will be just like meeting up with an old mate.

New members are signing up daily and we would like you to be the next.

Get Tips and General Information

We have created several categories to help you find what you need with a click. Get helpful tips and information from fellow gardeners all over Australia and the world. There is no problem too big or small and you will get lots of helpful advice when it comes to growing, weeding, mulching and anything gardening.

Our members have also put together a lot of general information. Once you join, you can easily search out for tips for gardening topics ranging from force-bulbs to getting rid of mice humanely.

You will never be left in the dark with MyGarden forums!

Know Your Plants

Some plants are harder to grow than others, or have special places in a gardener’s heart. We have special categories devoted to your passions. Find other bonsai lovers and discuss pruning techniques. Join talks with other orchid devotees.

We also have a special section on hydroponics, the remarkable water growing technology that is gaining popularity around the world. Perfect for Australia’s sometimes harsh climate, this method is sustainable. It can be a challenge to do for the first-timer, but our forums have the answer for you.

Find Plants and Show Off Your Garden

We love our Plant ID, Pictures and Plant and Seed Exchange Categories. Post pictures of unfamiliar plants in our Plant ID section—someone out there knows the name of the flower you fell in love with and took a snapshot off. Not sure if it is a weed or a flower? Take a picture, post it and get confirmation.

Our Pictures category is a huge hit with our members. Post pictures of your veggie garden, your herb pots—anything goes here. If you have something on your mind, take a picture and start a discussion.

The Plant and Seed Exchange connects gardeners from all over the continent. Need a few cuttings?  Are you willing to part with a few? It is a great way to add a new plant or two to your garden and make friends at the same time. If a particular plant is hard to find, our members will point you in the right direction.

The Business Directory

Promote your garden business with our new business directory. You can list businesses in your area that you love and frequent or post your own business. You are sure to find some loyal customers among our members—especially since everyone loves to garden.

You will also be able to add links to personal sites, blogs or favorite resource websites.

Here at My Garden, we know the meaning of community. Share your backyard, your gardening passions and the fruits of your labor at our forums. Find and keep friends—our forums are a virtual garden club. It is just too bad we cannot serve you tea while you are at it!


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