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Strawberries from seed???

  • Ryan


    Need advice from strawberry growers. I planted maybe 75 plants last spring and we enjoyed maybe 5 types, a mix of June bearing and everbearing. Only about a dozen came back, probably because I’m a terrible Fall gardener and they should have been straw mulched? Anyway, I was looking through Johnny’s and they have strawberry seed and plants. Questions:

    1. They say 120 days to fruiting to grow them from seed, so I’d need to start them in cool grow room in Jan/Feb. Has anyone done this and what were your results?

    2. Strawberries are listed as “Perennials”, are they REALLY? Our local small strawberry farm replants every year for their June bearing. Why would they do that if they were reliably perennial? Or are they what I call a “half perennial”, which means they MIGHT come back but don’t count on it for real results?
    Please help.


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