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Did i mess up my peppers?

  • John 1p


    Maybe I’m starting out too fast. Or maybe too late. Or maybe I’m starting things at the wrong time.

    My experiences gardening came from my grandma. She planted everything at the same time and it all worked out. Well I decided to be adventurous or excited or whatever with this little garden this year. So I started everything at the same time and just brought them inside when it got cold. Well the stuff I read didn’t like the cold anyway. Spinach is doing very well left outside.

    So in one of my 72 piece starters I bought from the dollar store i did 24 habinaro seeds 24 jalipinoe seeds and 24 cucumber seeds. I put them in a week ago and the cucumbers have already poked out. But the peppers haven’t. Do they take longer? Did I do something wrong? I’m a big girl. Your criticisms are welcome.
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