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Got a qustion about home improvement? Well, this is the place for you!

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Living room ideas!!!

  • Felicia


    Howdy, I am new to this forum. Most probably the renovation of our house will start by next month. Before that, I would like to purchase a sofa furniture for our living room. I had a sofa set but now it is worn out and lost its comfort. I am also planning to change the color theme for our living room. Which would be the best color for our room? Please share your thoughts. Thanks for the time.

  • Veronica


    How did the renovation go? Did you decide on a sofa set to pick? Whenever choosing a new suite it’s always best to stick to a neutral colour when it comes to the theme of your room. Add accent colours throughout the space through things like cushions, ornaments, lamps and rugs. This way you can switch them up each season with minimal effort and low cost. In terms of sofa sets, natural wicker furniture would be best to invest in if you’re not already got your range. Rattan colours are easy to match with and they are long lasting pieces so it’s cheaper in the long run. Hope that helps!