Choosing the right container can be an overwhelming experience. They come in hundreds of variations and range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Guidelines for selecting the size of a bonsai container are governed by the tree's height combined with the width of branch spread, and trunk diameter. If a bonsai is actually taller than it is wide, then the bonsai container length should be a little more than two-thirds it height. On the other hand, if a bonsai's branch spread is wider than its height, the bonsai container pot should be a little more than two-thirds its width. The depth of the bonsai pot should be equal to the diameter of the tree's trunk at its base.

Whatever their size, the containers are made of various materials which come in a variety of both shapes and also finishes.

Among the materials used to make bonsai containers include: wood, plastic, stoneware, mica, terra cotta, and porcelain. Plastic and mica pots are usually used only as training pots. Be warned that terra cotta bonsai containers are low fired which does make them prone to freezing. Stoneware on the other hand is considered by most to be the ideal ceramic container for bonsai. Stonewear is fired higher than the terra cotta conatiners and is therefore more resilient against freezing.

When selecting a bonsai pot for an individual tree, the features of the tree are helpful in determining the style and color of the bonsai container. Some will select a pot for

the summer feature of the tree which maybe its leaf color for example.

Colours could include unglazed brown which will harmonize with most bonsai, or perhaps it could be glazed off-white or pale yellow to contrast more with the foliage. As for the container shape selection, a curved trunk forexample may suggests a pot with curves, therefore an oval could perhaps be a good choice.

There are no unbendable rules, however. For any particular tree, there would be several containers that could serve the tree well. As with most rules in life, there are usually exceptions. Common sense is encouraged when choosing a container for a "finished" tree. When seeing a particular bonsai for the first time, if one notices the container before the tree is seen, then there is a lack of harmony. harmony must be ebcouraged at all time, as bonsai is meant to reflect the natural harmony of nature.

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