In the winter months some house plants tend to make long, thin, weak growth with small leaves. In spring, when vigorous growth resumes, this poor growth should be cut back as far as the good-sized healthy leaves. The appearance and shape of the plant will improve as healthier and more robust side shoots soon grow.

The variegated climbing and trailing kinds easily revert to all green leaves during the winter when the light is inadequate. In spring this green growth should be cut back to the last well variegated leaf in order to encourage variegated side shoots.

If a plant is growing too tall and a bushier shape is required, stop the growing shoots by breaking off the tips with finger and thumb (known as "pinching" or "pinching back"). This encourages the growth of side shoots and bushiness will soon result.

House plants are frequently seen trained up bamboo or trellis to form a partial screen or divider in a large room, and the climbing and trailing varieties lend themselves well to this practical and decorative use. The foliage of many climbing plants, particularly members of the arum family, such as philodendrons and scindapsus, (also known as pothos) is improved by training them up a mossed stake.
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