1. Tulip 'Queen of Bartigon' (rich pink) with Forget-me-Nots.
2. Blue Forget-me-Not studded with 'Golden Age' Tulip (Buttercup yellow).
3. A groundwork of yellow Alyssum studded with any Darwin or Cottage Tulip that is not yellow in colour.
4. Double Arabis interplanted with a Golden Trumpet Daffodil like 'King Alfred' or 'Lord Welington'.
5. 'Mount Hood' (white trumpet) Daffodil and purple or mauve Aubrieta.
6. Very dark red Wallflowers with white and lemon yellow Tulips.
7. Blue and white Hyacinths edged with double pink Daisies.
8. Mass of gold and red shades of Wallflowers edged with white Alyssum. -
9. Bed of Polyanthus (blue shades) with a few white Tulips or 'Pheasant Eye' Narcissus.
10. Cottage or Darwin Tulips with Violas planted between.
11. White Narcissi with Forget-me-Nots planted between.
12. Aubrieta and white Tulips.
13. Parrot Tulips with a groundwork of Golden Alyssum.
14. White, cream and yellow Polyanthus interplanted with Tulips in bronze, apricot or yellow.
15. Pink, red or white double Daisies against a background of dark-coloured Tulips.
16. White Alyssum and pink Tulips.
17. Evergreen, rosy-flowered Thrift (Armeria) with rosy Tulips.
18. Mauve Aubrieta, Golden Alyssum and white Tulips.

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