The pots should then stay in a dark but airy place, with the compost or fibre kept damp, for many weeks - until shoots are 2 to 3 inches high.

The cooler the room they go into, the better. In a warm, dry atmosphere more frequent watering will be needed. There are no rules about how often to water: just inspect regularly to see whether watering is needed.

Some bulbs are better started off out of doors - a sill or a porch will do - otherwise they may be encouraged to make a lot of long spindly leaves quickly at the expense of the flowers later. This is true of Eranthis, Chionodoxa, Fritillaria, Galanthus, Iris, Muscari, Ornithogalum, miniature Narcissi, Scilla, Vallota.

When indoors, the pots should be turned round occasionally because, like many flowers, those of bulbs tend to strain towards the window. The nearer they are to daylight, the better - so long as strong sunlight does not scorch summer flowering ones.
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