Happy, healthy and bushy green leaves tell the world that you really care about your plants. Dust is one of their biggest ene mies. A layer of dust clogs pores, cutting down on the leaf's ability to breathe. Dust also reduces the amount of light a plant receives.

Keep leaves clean by wiping them as needed with a soft, damp  cloth. Use only water or a mild soapy solution. Or, give your plant a shower. Most foliage plants appreciate an occasional shaping up, too. Cutting many plants back doesn't hurt them a bit; in fact, when they are pruned properly, fresh shoots will spring from near every point you prune. You'll usually have denser foilage than before.

How to treat your plants to a shower
One of the easiest ways to clean plants is to put them in the shower under a soft, cascading spray of lukewarm water. Leave them there about 10 minutes and rotate the Planters several times so all the leaves get a good wash. This also freshens the plants, removes some insects and dears away any salts that may have accumulated in the Medium. While your plants are showering, scrub out the Planter Wells with a mild detergent, and rinse them thoroughly with water.