A home with a beautiful garden is a pleasure to those who live in it and to the passers-by. It can be a place for relaxation as well as an outlet for creative skills. Making a new garden or remodelling an old one is an adventure which, in time, becomes a lasting satisfaction.

Modern homes, with their individual designs, call for a fresh approach to landscaping. No hard and fast rules can be given for making a garden because so much will depend on personal choice and on local soil conditions and climate. To be successful it is essential to know something about the botanical characteristics of the plants- their individual tastes, whether they are lime-haters, shade-lovers, or frost-tender.

Select plants that are best suited to your soils and climate. It is much wiser to introduce a few species that are known to thrive without much care and attention than to take risks by introducing lesser-known ones - a procedure that can lead to disappointment and failure. This does not mean that you should not experiment with plant introductions, but it is well to realize early that soil and climate are masters in the end.

Always avoid overcrowding and give every plant, shrub, or tree room to develop fully. The garden should not be over-simplified nor too ornamental.
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