A feature wall can completely transform an ordinary old room into a sophisticated and stylish sanctuary. More than a just focal point, it can set the tone and mood of your space. And there has never been more choice when it comes to products.

Paint is certainly the most simple and economical product with which to create a feature wall. Not only can you select from any colour of the rainbow, you can choose from a wide variety of finishes, including flat, low sheen, gloss, metallic, suede and even render.

You can't go past wallpaper for drama and flair. Not only can you choose from a vast selection of patterns and colours, but also textures, such as linen and bamboo. Some specialist companies will even print custom ­designed wallpaper for you - so why not get creative? For a striking and unique effect, it might be worth considering a funky wallpaper mural.

Tiled feature wall can be a stunning addition to your home. From the sleek chic of cool stone to the visual feast of mosaic, the choice of colours and patterns is almost limitless.

For a touch of lustre, look no further than a glass sheeted wall. No longer merely the domain of splashbacks, glass sheets can be made in any colour you desire and to fit any size wall. An easier DIY option is glass mosaics or even mirror tiles. Or for a one-of-a-kind display, why not have your own pattern, design or illustration printed onto glass sheeting.

Stacked Stone

are oodles of stacked stone products on the market. From natural stone to man­made products, there are a plethora of sizes and colours available. And with some stacked stone products now specifically manufactured to be lightweight, it has never been easier to install.

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