Garden furniture is an essential addition to compliment your well planned outdoor environment. From handsome wooden benches to cute little coffee tables, there are a variety of options that can work wonderfully well in the great outdoors to accentuate your garden highlights. And if you are one of those gardeners that absolutely loves to do everything yourself, including build your own furniture, then make sure you do it propoerly.

In these days of rush and tear it is ever more popular to unwind in a natural garden setting. Concrete patios are being rapidly replaced by natural timber decking and gardens today are becoming physical works of art as we try to create a way back to nature and serenity.

By using natural products surroundings we transport ourselves back to a time when natural products actually were our surroundings! A wonderful array of screens and garden furniture, together with some stunning natural shelters and some clever lighting can transform your garden into the relaxing haven you always dreamed it to be.

Whether you are trying to create a tropical jungle theme or simply your own private oasis, a great choice is the simple elegance of willow, hazel and thatched reeds. Thatched tiles can be used to cover existing battered sheds and reed bundles can be also strategically placed, either to hide less attractive areas of your garden or to create a picture of simplicity. Garden shelters can be ideal for a quiet read and an escape from the domestic chaos.

Outdoor dining

and barbeques are of course a highlight of the summer. Its not so easy getting everyone to the dinner table inside at the same time, but offer up a bbq in the garden, on a boiling hot day and in no time everyone is there.

Screening your garden can provide isolated, peaceful areas in even the smallest of spaces as well as the practical opportunity to protect areas from the wind. Screens in Bamboo, Split cane, Heather, Reed and Willow can offer a very attractive space creating idea.

The final touch to creating a garden you have always dreamed of, is to light it. Gardens at night can be among the most beautiful places on earth. Create an atmosphere with some subtle garden lighting and you can use your garden for 16 hours a day.

If you enjoy working with your hands and spending time outdoors, putting together do-it-yourself garden furniture might be just the project for you.

  • Breakfast Tables. A breakfast table is a must-have if you plan on doing any entertaining in your new garden.
  • Morning Chairs. To go along with your breakfast table.
  • Hammocks. Perhaps the most essential piece you can add is a hammock for those relaxing naps in the afternoon.
  • Take Time. To keep from becoming frustrated, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time (and then some more) to complete your project.
  • Be Careful. Take caution that you don't hurt yourslef out of frustration.
  • Get Help. If you are instructionally challenged, don't be afraid to ask for help!
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