Garden tillers can make life very easy if you have access to one. If you are considering buying one, what kind of tiller best suits your needs?

Ttillers come in both small and large sizes. What you should buy depends on the spcae you need to till, and you budget of course too!

When considering a machine for a small space (and therfore where good maneuverability is important), a small machine (such as the electric ones available) are ideal cultivators for such limited spaces.

Apart from their ease of movement, they also start up easy and are light-weight (some weigh as little as 11 lbs). Features such as folding handles also allow you to store smaller models easily.

Whilst small models are quite durable, do not think that you can just carve a new planting bed out of wild, untamed, native soil .

Use small ones only for the task for which they are suited for - ie - as cultivators for already tamed land.

For bigger spaces, you need maximum tilling power which enables you to get the job done faster. In these cases the large garden tillers are obviously better suited.

As with any garden equipment , dont just buy the cheapest becasue it is cheap. Quality is not a dirty word!

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