Gardening is a fun hobby as well as a great way to earn a living. Most of the time, whatever you grow in your garden can be edible, decorative or medicinal. There are actually many reasons why you should start your own garden and there are also several reasons why keeping the garden healthy and neat is necessary for the success of your gardening projects. One way of taking good care of the plants in your garden is using mulch and putting it on the top soil.

What is mulch?

Mulch is any type of substance or mixture that you can use to retain the moisture in your soil surrounding your plants. This mixture is commonly used to cover the top soil to regulate the soil temperature, prevent weeds from growing and to make sure that your garden looks really neat.

Organic mulches are the probably the best kind because they decompose easily and the nutrients they produce will be absorbed by the plants. But the trick here is that you have to keep replacing the mulch on the top soil because they decompose and will not last for a long time.

If you are a busy person, you can always choose to look for organic materials that would not take a look time to decompose. Wood chips from sturdy and thick trees would usually do the trick. You can also use manure from farm animals, but you have to be really careful not to get the ones

that are from animals that feast of inorganic animal feeds.

Uses of Mulch

You can use mulch around tress that just started to grow trunks. This will keep them nourished even during the summer. The moisture from the mulch will keep the soil wet enough for water to seep through.

You can also use mulch on vegetables as long as the compost comes from other organic biodegradables. Those with chemicals can make your plants grow slower and may dry up really fast.

Grass clippings can also be used as mulch for flowers, herbs and even other types of vegetables.

This is also a great trick to keep the weeds out of your lovely vegetable patch. They keep the soil packed and loose enough not to let other weeds or wild grass from growing around your plants. Remember that the weeds can really take over the soil and eat up all the moisture and nutrients that you plants should have enjoyed.

Where Can I Get Mulch?

Organic mulch can be found anywhere as long as there are biodegradable and organic materials. You can also make your own mulch reservoir by collecting animal manure, vegetable peel, egg shells, coffee grounds, old barks, wood shavings, grass cuttings, old newspapers and straw.

In fact, if you really don’t have the time to make your own compost pit, you can always go to around your neighborhood and ask around if they have available biodegradable wastes that you can use for your garden.

Coffee shops usually give out coffee grounds for free while vegetable markets as well as fruit stands throw out the ones that are starting to fall apart. For wood chips, furniture factories have tons of wood chips and shavings that they can gladly give you for free. Restaurants can also provide a great source of vegetable and fruit peels for your mulch.

The possibilities are really endless as long as you know exactly where to look. There are also garden supply store that offer sacks and sacks of prepared mulch that you can instantly use in your garden. Look f0r the ones that are marked “organic” to make sure that you are giving your plants all the nutrients that they need without the hassle of harsh chemicals.

The use 0f mulch can really turn your garden a success, although it doesn’t happen overnight, you will find that all your hard work has paid off come harvest season. The important thing here is to look for your regular source of materials to make your mulch or know the right people who can really help you.