Dormant bushes, dispatched by nurseries, should require little pruning at planting time. All dead material, either root or stem, is pruned back to sound, healthy growth. Shorten very long roots. Stems thinner than a lead pencil should be pruned back to the base or to a main branch. Cut back remaining branches of hybrid teas and floribundas to not more than 12 in. high, if this was not done b. the nursery.

Make fresh cuts wherever long stubs have been left above nodes or dormant buds. Less pruning is required by climbing and shrub roses. because the original stems will be pruned off at the base one to two years after planting to make space for the new growth which bears the flowers. All dormant roses planted in autumn are left unpruned until spring, since some branches may partially die back during winter.

Potted rose-bushes in full foliage need very little pruning. All leaves, buds and blooms should be left, but spindly stems should be removed.
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