Push lawn sweepers look like a light-framed mower with catcher, except that instead of reel blades, brushes are in place instead.

By pushing the lawn sweeper over your lawn, the brushes simply rotate and "sweep" the grass. This revolving brush action throws back leaves, twigs, clippings, and other debris back into the catcher. The lawn sweeper catcher can then be emptied onto your compost.

They are a great alternative to leaf blowers because they are quiet, pollution-free and ecologically friendly.

Leaf blowers have even been outlawed in some places because of the noise they make. Using a push lawn sweeper you canget fit and have fun whilst you clean your yard.

If you have heavy leaf shedders in your garden, and want to keep on top of the kleaf situation, the a push lawn sweeper is for you.

They are lightweight which means that anyone can use one. Push lawn sweepers also brush up the turf as they go along, and so they leave the grass standing nice and tall. This makes mowing a breeze too - giving you better esults than if the grass was all cmpacted down. For lawn afficianados, this is a dream! if you ahve snow fall in your area, the sweepers can be sued to sweep light falls also.

To ensure the longevity of a your sweeper, you should always keep them clean and dry - as you would for any of your garden tools.

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