Generally, the same measures you take to alleviate winter's dryness for yourself will help your plants through the season, too.

Whole-house humidifying makes everyone more comfortable, of course. If you have a forced-air furnace, you can add a power unit that will bring relative humidity levels up into the 30 to 40 percent range.

Or, buy a portable model and humidify just one room. If your home is heated by radiators, set shallow trays of water on top of them (but not where small children can reach them). You'll be surprised how often the trays need refilling.

Frequent misting with a plant atomizer provides some relief. But, in many cases, It serves only as a temporarydelay - the mist is soon removed by the dry air. Mist in the morning and/or early afternoon. Don't mist plants In late afternoon or at night - your plants need to dry off and not stand damp overnight.

Realize, too, that because the Planters' Wells always have water in them, evaporation here releases some moisture to leaves via the air. Grouping plants raises humidity levels in their vicinity.

During really dry periods, you could augment this by filling a shallow tray - the wider, the better- with pebbles or pea gravel, adding water, and setting Planters atop the stones. Keep water in the tray below the tops of the stones.