Cork has been a very useful flooring material throughout the years. The main reason for its popularity and recognition as a good material for flooring steps from a range of its characteristics. These include its natural appearance, environment friendly composition and warm underfoot. It is also very resilient which means that it cannot be damaged easily.

Cork floorings come in different versions but most of the time it is available as 12x12 inch tiles. It is very thick and usually comes in interlocking 1x3-foot planks. There are many flooring dealers who offer a selection of earthly designs. Cork floorings come in bold and light hues including unstained surfaces. Majority of the cork floor tiles in the market are prefinished. The use of cork flooring proves to be more than aesthetic. It is actually a way to help save the forest.

Cork is peeled every nine years from the bark of cork oaks. These trees can be mainly found in the Mediterranean regions. Since the bark is the only thing used for the production of cork, the tree remains alive for a long period of time. There is no need to cut down the tree because cork production only uses the outer part of the tree’s bark.

The material comprising cork flooring is not extremely fragmented or soft. Basically, the usually cork bulletin board is the essence of the cork flooring. They are almost identical. However, it is important to note that cook flooring tends to be rugged. A lot of people

may actually find this tiny bit surprising.

It does not keep furniture dents unlike other types of flooring such as vinyl flooring and carpeting. Additionally, cork planks are also equipped with good insulation qualities. Around 90% of the cork plank is made of gaseous material. This provides the cork flooring exceptional acoustic as well as thermal insulation capabilities. Suberin is another substance that is found in cork planks.

The substance is responsible for the material’s ability to resist liquid. In this case, the cork planks are naturally immune to deterioration due to moisture. It is also important to note that suberin also has natural insect repellant capacities. It has the ability to protect the cork plank from getting damaged due to insect inhabitation including termites. Another important characteristic of cork is that it is hypoallergenic. It has anti-microbial agents which gives it protection from mildew.

Cork woes

Many people are looking for ways to enhance their flooring. While there are multitudes of flooring options, cork flooring is one of the best materials out there. However, not all people are seemingly convinced that cork flooring is in fact a good material to use on one’s floor. After all, the most common type of cork product they know is the one used to seal wine bottles.

But clearly, no one would suggest using cork flooring if it does not have good characteristics. Cork flooring actually works. It just depends on how a person is educated. The more educated a person, the better of chances that they will give cork flooring a chance.

Cork works

Cork has a lot of characteristics which make it a good flooring material. Initially, it is both elastic and anti-static. Likewise, it also does a good job when it comes to managing heat and noise. Considering such characteristics, they make cork flooring a good material to use particularly for areas with extreme foot traffic. Since it does not wear easily, people can expect cork flooring to last more than other types of planks.

Another important thing to learn about cork planks is that they can be used with other flooring materials. For instance, they can be placed underneath wood, carpet, tiles or basically just about any type of stomping surface. Cork planks are not only useful for public areas but they also make ideal additional to homes. Cork flooring is very durable that even when it is used in areas inside the home that are constantly wet, they would not deteriorate immediately.

Natural Cork Flooring

As mentioned, cork counts a very good flooring material because of its natural look. It provides a different kind of aesthetic appeal. Further it is very green which means that it is renewable and does not pollute the environment. Aside from its natural traits, cork is also very affordable. People can find good quality flooring for a fraction of a price. It is also very efficient in terms of keeping the floor intact for a very long time.

A Look at cork underlayment

Cork underlayment is one of the best and if not the easiest in the market. People can expect an almost hassle free or problem free installation and management of cork planks. Plus, it does not require a specific type of underlayment. In this case, cork flooring can almost go with anything. Even the cheapest or the simplest type of underlayment can be used. There is no definite underlayment which makes it a very flexible thing to use.

Cork flooring has many advantages. Certainly, the choice is still up to the individual. They can always see the cork planks for themselves to see how much quality such product offers. Cork planks go with a range of preferences and they can also go with almost any type of budget. Now, that’s something.

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