You can make your garden serene and charming by adding a DIY water feature. A landscaped garden looks more fascinating when it has water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and streams. Space and budget constraints, however, deter people having smaller and residential gardens from setting up ready-made water features. DIY water features offer a cheaper alternative to creating smaller fountains and ponds that generate an oasis-like ambience in your home garden.

Advantages of DIY Water Feature

  • A DIY water feature is less expensive and easier to build.
  • Gardens with DIY water features can be set up in a smaller area, such as porticos, balconies, and in the front and back of your home.
  • Due to its smaller size and manual setting, such water features are kid-friendly and consume less energy and water.
  • You can install tailor-made DIY water features as per your need and budget.

DIY Water Feature: Types You Can Create

You can recreate the magical charm through a DIY water feature in your garden. The following are some suggestions on various models.

  • Pond: It is the easiest of all DIY water features. You can dig a small portion, preferably in uneven size, and border it with rocks of different shapes. Connect the pond with the nearby tap and keep it full of water. You can also use it to water your plants.
  • Still Aquatic Features: You can keep various flat containers filled with water around the garden and grow aquatic plants
    in them.
  • Waterfalls: You can create small waterfalls in your garden by controlling flow of the irrigated water on an uneven surface. Just put stones and make water drip down to recreate little waterfalls throughout your garden.
  • Fountains: You can make a DIY water fountain for $50. Procure a container and put a smaller pump inside it. Mask the pump with rocks and various shrubs and fill up the container with water. Once the pump is turned on, it will throw up water and create fountain-like water shape. You can use both solar and electricity pumps for this purpose.
  • Cascades: You can consider this DIY water feature for both your home and garden. You need to just pump water on a larger scale and transfer it over a bigger feature. Add rocks of various colours and sizes to enhance its look.

Tips for DIY Water Feature Upkeep

  • Locate your DIY water feature at a place close to water and electricity source. Also ensure that its location complements the garden landscape.
  • Plan your DIY water feature away from the plants shedding leaves so that it remains clean.
  • Choose the size of your DIY water feature in accordance with your garden size. A fountain or pond must not be large enough to dominate your garden. It is only one of the several features to decorate your garden and must not take place of plants and vines.
  • Decorate your DIY water feature with plants and rocks. You can use coloured rocks, floating plants, and showy flower plants to enhance the look.
  • Ensure that the water remains clean and clear. Mosquitoes and insects may grow in filthy water and cause harm both to your health and your garden.
  • Maintain the required water level. In the summer, evaporation leads to low water level that affects the fountain and aquatic plants in the ponds and containers.

There are many benefits of a DIY water feature. It attracts visual interest and even setup cost is minimal. You can make your garden beautiful by sheer dint of your creativity and water features.

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