Summer is just around the corner now.  Summer gardening tips to follow soon.........

Some things to consider as the warmer weather approaches and the birds and the bees start to do their thing include:
  • Feed and mulch climbers and shrubs. Use a general-purpose fertilizer, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Rambler or climbing roses are hungry feeders and do well if given specialized rose fertilizer.
  • Feed and mulch evergreen hedges to prepare them for renovation pruning in spring
  • Renovate evergreen climbers if needed, before they start into full growth
  • Lay turf for a new lawn as soon as the weather permits, so that the grass has time to establish before summer. Keep well watered.
  • Sow seeds in containers of herbs and similar plants to create a non-grass lawn
  • Prune established climbers and shrubs that flower on the current season's shoots. These include bignonias, trumpet vines (Campsis), the Chilean bellflower (Lapageria), Solanum, and stephanotis among climbers; abutilons, forsythias, lavateras, perovskias, and Spiraea japonica among shrubs.
Stay tuned shortly for some more great gardening tips and reminders for early spring.........