Most people tend to think that all garden hoses are the same. Although all garden hoses can be used to water plants in the garden, not all are the same. Believe it or not, choosing the right garden hose is important. It can help make watering much easier and it will help make sure the plants get watered properly.
A few things to keep in mind when looking for a garden hose are:


This is a basic thing that all people buying a garden hose need to consider. Before setting out to buy something, it is important to know how often the hose will be used and how much of a beating it will take. Garden hoses that are used on a daily basis need to be heavy duty. Aside from this, knowing where a hose will be used will help determine the size and length needed for the job.


Typicall garden hoses are made of either rubber or vinyl. Vinyl hoses are good for light watering jobs. On the other hand, rubber hoses are good for heavier garden work and are sturdier. However, they may also be more costly and may weigh more. Some garden hoses are made of both these materials. It makes for a sturdy hose that stands well against wear and tear and is flexible while being less costly.

Diameter and Fitting

Aside from picking a hose that will easily reach all areas of the garden, it is also important to get a hose that is

of the right diameter. The width of a hose may be anywhere between 5/8 and 3/4 of an inch. Determining the diameter of a hose will help determine the amount of water which flows out of the hose. Aside from the diameter fittings also need to be considered. This is what connects the hose to the faucet. It may be made out of either plastic or brass.


Some garden hoses offer more than just the usual. Some come with extras which can make working in the garden easier. These are always great to have and look out for. One thing that can really help is wheels. Some garden hoses come with a stand which has wheels. This can make taking the hose around much easier. A feature like this is something to look out for in heavy duty or rubber hoses since they may be difficult to transport. Another extra feature that is good to look out for is different nozzles. Some garden hoses come with a variety of attachments for watering. Having different nozzles will help make sure that plants get watered properly.

After buying a garden hose, owners need to make sure that they care for it properly as well. Proper care of a hose will help make sure that the hose lasts long and will not easily get destroyed. Here are a few tips to help keep garden hoses in tip top shape.

Keep it in the shade

As much as possible avid leaving hoses out under direct sunlight. Doing this will heat the water inside the hose and damage the interior. Aside from this the heat may cause the material of the hose o warp or break. After a hose has been used store it in a cool dry place and don’t leave it out in the garden.

Roll It

Hoses come rolled for a reason- this is to help keep kinks and folds out. Hoses should be stored in the same manner even after being used. Folding the hose will cause it to be bent and obstruct the flow of water. Also, this may eventually cause the hose to crack and let water leak out, lessening the pressure.

Handle with Care

Although a lot of garden hoses are meant to be used heavily, these should still be handled properly. Avoid dragging the hose around especially on rough surfaces. This will cause the hose to thin out. It may also be a way to damage the hose and cause it to have holes.

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