The term garden design is a very loose one, because the size, shape, and arrangement of gardens vary with the individual taste, each person having his own preferred pattern of floral architecture.

The front garden is the one most people see and so should be pleasant to look at. To achieve this, avoid planting too many shrubs and trees which, as time goes on, might obscure the house behind them. All tall-growing trees should be excluded unless the front garden is very extensive. What to plant at the front of the house will depend on the aspect of the land. Those gardens with a southerly aspect should be planted with species quite different from those with a northerly one.

The choice of species suitable for a front garden facing south is limited, and it is usual to rely on evergreens. These are also satisfactory for planting near the entrance of the house, or the front gate.

Avoid planting tall-growing trees near low, flat-roofed buildings because, as they grow tall, they will accentuate the flatness and make the buildings look even smaller. Tall-growing pines and palm trees are out of place when grown very near a single storeyed house. Dwarf species planted near tall buildings serve only to make the buildings appear taller.

The choice of suitable trees and shrubs is governed not only by the soil, climate, and aspect of the area, but by many other factors. Trees and shrubs help to overcome the ill-effects of extremes in climate - between the hot,
penetrating summer heat, and the cold winter winds. Some trees produce extensive roots, which might invade neighbours' gardens, creep under the foundations of buildings, or entangle themselves round drain-pipes. Poplars, large Privets, Willows and Fig-trees have large roots when fully grown, and many of the Eucalypts can be troublesome.

From what has been said it is apparent that the gardener should be well informed on the growth habits of plants, as well as their suitability for any given type of soil or climate.
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