There are different types and means to build a home. And most of the time, large homes eat up a lot of space and really take a long time to finish. Not only that, the cost of building your home may really make your resources run dry.

Fortunately, there are expert builders who have really utilized the use of the spaces provided for them as well as the money that is involved in making livable homes and turned them into something that is beyond anyone’s imagination. Geodesic domes and dome homes have been invented to become one of the most efficient buildings in the world.

What are geodesic domes and Dome homes?

The Geodesic dome was invented by R. Buckminster in the 40’s. And the common connotation is that these domes are very expensive and complicated for people to build and live in. Dome homes are very efficient, economical and easy to build. All it takes is the right mindset, attitude and resources.

It is a spherical shell structure made of small spheres that form triangles to connect the pieces together and to strengthen the structures. They take up very little space because it practically forms a ball or dome over that small base.

The only complicated factors would be the best place to build your geodesic dome and how to build it.

Whether you are an expert in building things, homes in particular, or you would want to really try building your own home from

scratch, the geodesic dome will still work for you. The geo-dome is inexpensive and practical, so there’s no reason for you to think twice about having one.

What should you do to have a dome home?

If you already have your mind set on living in a dome house, it’s time to choose how you’re going to build it. There are actually two options for you to choose from:

First is hiring a geodesic dome builder. Consult several contractors before really deciding which one you should hire to do the job. Look at the professional plans or lay out of the domes that they have initially built for other people to help with the decision making.

Look at the detailed drawings and be familiar with the formulas and procedures in building a dome house. A little research will not be harmful if you don’t want your house come crashing down while you’re sleeping.

Once you have selected the contractors, check the budget proposal that they will present you. Make sure that you go within your budget to ensure that you won’t end up broke and homeless in the end.

Check your budget. There maybe things or tools that you need to buy to start the ball rolling. Now if you don’t have the budget, there are several financial institutions that can help you come up with the funds to build your dream home. It’s pretty certain that they will be willing to help you out and offer you the best deal possible.

The second option is to build your own dome home from scratch. This is great to show people that you can be a builder too. You can go your nearest dome builder’s shop and ask for geodesic dome kits and DIY packs to jumpstart your construction project.

The depots for dome homes can also help you find the tools that you need to complete your project. Make sure that you have everything that you need so you can start working immediately.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, the dome experts will be glad to answer them. Take down notes, because everything should be precise and accurate especially the measurements to keep the dome’s structure stable.

You shouldn’t really worry about safety as long as you have followed all the instructions carefully.

It really doesn’t matter whether you choose to seek professional help or build the dome home on your own. What matters is that you now have the opportunity to have your own home.

For those really interested in this type of building, you should check out Sustainable Domes. Well worth a look.

Update: Recently, a new player has emerged on the scene that is breaking the mold when it comes to geodesic construction. Sustainable Domes uses a combination of hig tech, modern materials that take Dome Homes ot the next level. The evolutionary step is exciting for those interested in the build type.

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