The attributes of these plants may be briefly summarised as follows:

1. Are effective for covering the bare soil between newly planted shrubs, roses and trees.

2. They act as a living mulch, keep the soil cool and damp, and thereby promote the growth of the plants in their vicinity, and reduce the amount of watering necessary.

3. Ground Covers are a great help in preventing erosion, whether it be caused by water or wind, and are therefore the best plants to grow on a slope.

4. The shade-loving ones are invaluable for ornamenting the ground under trees where grass does not grow well.

5. Once established they can help to suppress the growth of weeds.

6. They require little maintenance and, if started off in good soil, most of them demand a minimum of care, beyond occasional trimming, and watering when necessary.

7. They can introduce variety which is needed in gardening as much as it is in architecture. Ground covers form a contrast to a lawn in form and in height, in foliage texture and in colour.