Beans are one of the most satisfying vegetables to grow. They require so little attention, usually crop within eight weeks from sowing, and fresh Beans are very palatable and nutritious.

Growing Beans, French or Dwarf - In the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia Beans may be sown at any time of the year. In temperate areas, the main sowing season is September-early February.

The best practice is to sow approximately a 10-ft. row each fortnight. This is sufficient to keep the average size family in fresh Beans throughout the season.

In acid soil areas, such as most of the coastal areas of eastern Australia, a light dressing of lime is advisable approximately 2 cup to each square yard of area. Prior to sowing scatter about cup of complete plant food along each yard of row and rake into the soil.

The best method of sowing is in a double row with about 3 ins. between the rows, spacing the seeds in each row about 4 ins. apart. Sown in this manner plants tend to support each other. Sow 1 in. deep or, in light porous soils where frequent watering is not possible, a little deeper, say 2 ins. When sowing several double rows allow 30 ins. between each, and preferably run them north and south.

Varieties of Dwarf Beans - There are number of varieties of beans that grow well in any part of Australia. The housewife's preference should be for stringless types such as 'Tender-green'. Some varieties do not crop well when

temperatures exceed 90 degrees, so under these conditions the 'Brown seeded' varieties are the most satisfactory. They include 'Brown Beauty', 'Royal Windsor', or `Windsor Long Pod', 'College Pride', `Gowards Special' and `Tendergreen'. Butter Bean 'Bountiful' and 'Startler Wax' are also suitable.

Red-seeded types such as `Hawkesbury Wonder', `Canadian Wonder' etc., are best grown early or late in the season, when their maturity is unlikely to coincide with heatwave conditions.

Growing Beans, Runner - These need some form of trellising or to be grown on the sunny side of a fence, supported by string, twigging or wire netting.
Soil requirements and sowing as for Dwarf Beans.

Broad Beans - These are sown from late April to early August, a little later in cold districts. Fertiliser requirements are similar to Dwarf Beans. Space approx. 4 ins. apart. Tops may be pinched out when flowering to encourage earlier setting. Watch for Black Fly.

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