Jerulsalem Artichokes are a tuberous rooted crop of particularly easy growth. This vegetable can be given a permanent spot in the garden, for it is likely to take possession once planted, as any tubers lef in the ground will start into growth in the spring. The soil should be well trenched and nanured, for, though Artichokes will grow and produce under hard conditions, they only produce worthwhile tubers in good, rich soil.

Plant small tubers from July topecember in cool districts. They should be put in from four to six inches deep, and one to qne and a half feet apart in the rows, which are two feet six inches apart. One pound of tubers should sow a bed ten feet by seven' feet, i.e., twenty-one feet of row.

The plants grow to six or eight feet, and bear Sunflower-like blooms afterwhich the stems wither. The tubers should not be harvested till all growth above ground has died down. As they do not keep for long out of the ground, it is better to dig Artichokes as required for use.
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