Load a planter with colorful annuals, hang it on a patio, deck. porch or terrace. and you can have a living, breathtaking bouquet right at eye level.

Snapdragons, impatiens, verbena, petunias - the possibilities are limited only by the selection at your local nursery or plant shop. Don't be afraid to mix flowers, either. Choosing species that bloom at different times during the season provides a kaleidoscope of continuing color from spring to Autumn.

Just be sure that your planters hang level, and won't be blown about by strong winds that could damage the plants or planters - or spill the water. 

Hanging baskets can be suspended from anything sturdy - lampposts, tree limbs, overhanging eaves, patio roofs, or brackets fastened to walls, fences or posts. All a hanging garden needs is proper light, protection from high winds and easy accessibility.

Hanging baskets the easy way
How many annuals should you plant for a rich, full-looking basket? The answer mainly depends upon how fast you want results. With many varieties, such as pansies, you can get by with a single plant, but you'll have to wait awhile for it to spread out.

For a lavish display in less time, you can plant up to six flowers in a container. Just remember to space them evenly. Add a few foilage plants as well, and you can play off those splashes of color against subtly tinted leaf tones for a dazzling effect.