A metal-lined trough or pottery bowl makes a good container for several plants; for those who prefer something a little more unusual, a deep brass pan or antique container can be used. Fill the planter with moist peat moss, and plunge the plants into the peat up to the rims of their pots. Keep the plants in their pots so that they may be watered and fertilized according to their individual requirements. Be sure that the peat in the container is moist but not soaked. The moisture will then evaporate slowly, forming the beneficial humid "micro-climate" around the plants, which will form an umbrella of leaves over the container. This will help to prevent the moisture from evaporating too rapidly. For a single plant, choose an attractive pot, tub or other container with a larger diameter than that of the original pot, place some gravel or other drainage material in its bottom, stand the pot containing the plant inside it, and pack moist peat in the space between the two containers.