If you've ever wondered how to lay floor tiles, wonder no more! it's not that difficult really.

  • Check the surface is level and clean. Once you have chosen your tiling pattern, mark out your centre and dry lay' your tiles  to ensure the result is to your liking. This method will ensure that the cut tiles against the wall are of equal size.

  • Some primers are opaque, so once it is completely dry, check that your centre-point markings are still clearly visible. If not, remark your floor. A good tip for tare is to use a permanent marker, which won't wear, smudge, wipe or wash off.

  • Prime your surface before applying adhesive. Make sure you don't paint yourself into ae corner!

  • Always mix adhesive products outside, following the directions on the packet.

  • Apply adhesive to your floor by holding your notched trowel at 45 and dragging it to create a series of ridges.

  • Lay a few tiles at a time, using plastic spacers to create even gaps. Tap tiles with a rubber mallet and wipe off excess adhesive with a damp sponge. Ensure the tiles are flush.

  • Cut the tiles for the edges of your floor as you go. Allow the tiles to dry thoroughly.

  • To grout, remove tile spacers, then wipe down the joints with a damp sponge. Use a hard rubber grout float to force the grout into the joints, wiping it over the joint at a 45 angle. Wipe a damp sponge diagonally across the grouted joints, rinsing it in
    a bucket of clean water.

  • Use cheesecloth to remove the final haze.

  • Ensure the floor is completely clean, dry and free of dust and grit. Apply a coat of your chosen sealer with a sponge and allow 5-10 minutes for it to penetrate the surface of your tiles and grout, before wiping any excess off with a dry cloth.

  • Apply a second coat if required. Allow 24 hours to cure before using the area.