Ideal for a cool, light room are plants which do not mind a lack of warm sunlight as long as they receive sufficient day-light.

Aechmea Rhodocyanea (Urn Plant or Exotic Bush) has silvery grey-green curving leaves and produces an amazing pink bracted flower which lasts for months.

Some varieties of Chrysanthemum are now available in pots to grow indoors. These make good house plants as they are reasonably hardy and flower throughout the year.
Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) is a popular plant with iridescent orange, red or pink flowers and green or crimson tinged leaves depending upon the variety. It flowers more if it is put in a very light place. Pinch out the growing shoots occasionally to keep the plant bushy. In summer give it a lot of water, in winter only a little. Cuttings taken in the summer root easily in water.

Sansevieria Trifasciata (Mother-inLaw's Tongue) has erect, strong, leathery leaves. It needs very little water, does not like being damp in winter (its roots rot very easily if it is) and prefers a well-lit situation.

Sparmannia Africana (Zimmer-Linden, House Lime or African Hemp) has large, soft, pale green, furry leaves and produces pretty white flowers in early spring. It can grow up to 6 feet or more but, by picking out the growing point, can be made to bush out. This plant needs to be well watered and should be in a light airy position. In winter it prefers a cool place, and in summer, if it is not too big to move,
will benefit from being transferred to a shady place outside.