Doing a major kitchen improvement can be as daunting as building a house. So many options, so many styles. Before you rush headlong into it, be sure to follow these basic steps.

1. Choose a kitchen style by clipping articles and photos from design magazines and books.
2. A kitchen specialist can help you plan a dream kitchen not only convenient butnalso functional.
3. Don't over capitalise. Keep your home value in line with the neighborhood.
4. Homebuyers will pay more for universal design. Don't go crazy on a far out design that would suit only you. Kitchens should have a good work flow and be ergonomic. These rules shouldn't be tampered with. Which brngs us to #5.....
5. Plan for proper workflow and low-maintenance features.

The same rules apply for building and renovation and hiring contractors if you are not ahandy klind of person who is doing their own renovation. See also our more in depth tips on kitchen remodeling.

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