Pantone colours are mixed ink colours that are identified by a number. This number when used with Pantone's "Formula Guide" specifies a certain mix of ink colours (that hs nothing to do with what you may know as CMYK) which the printer mixes to then put on the press.

The same ink will often look slightly different whe applied on anything other than their standard stocks i.e.matching colour on embroidery threads, dyes garments, etc, is virtually impossible. The best way to colour match these sorts of items is usually by visual comparison.

Pantone Colour Swatches and your computer.

Be aware that the colours you see below will be affected by your monitor type settings. The Pantone Ink System has many hundreds of colour combinations. To make sure that your printed pieces will have the same exact colour you are seeing on your computer screen, you should ask to see the real Pantone Colour Swatch Book and physically look up the colours you have chosen with your interior designer. They will be very close to what you see on your screen but will no doubt, not be exact.