Bulbs already contain most of the nourishment the plant will need. Many will grow in fibre containing negligible nutriment, in water or even on pebbles but most need more than that. The following should be put in bulb fibre: Crocus, Chionodoxa, Fritillaria, Galanthus, Hyacinth, Narcissus (including Daffodil), Tulip. All the rest need compost.

Fibre tends to dry quickly so it is better in a plastic or china bowl rather than a porous one; this need not have a drainage hole. Soak the fibre before use. With compost, not only a drainage hole but crocks or charcoal in the bottom are important, for accumulated water can rot bulbs.

Do not mix different bulbs in one bowl; and, if making a group of, for instance, Hyacinths, choose varieties that come into flower at the same time. Put in as many bulbs as possible, but not touching one another. The tips should normally just show above the top of the fibre or compost, which should come to inch below the top of the pot to allow space for watering. Smaller bulbs, such as Crocus, should be inch below the surface.
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