These range from 8 to 20 in. high. The tiny individual blooms are often replicas of hybrid teas. The foliage is also proportionately smaller. They are excellent for edgings of beds of floribundas or hybrid teas, as well as for window boxes or rock gardens.

For limited periods they can be grown in the living-room in pots or planter-boxes with some success. They dislike a dry atmosphere such as is found in a heated house. If you do bring them indoors to raise them in a glasshouse until the buds are showing, then transfer them to a really cool room and spray them night and morning with water. As soon as the first crop of bloom is over, return them to the glasshouse until more buds appear. As an experiment in keeping them indoors all year, stand each pot in a large pan or saucer containing at least 1 in. of damp peat moss. Keep the peat moss fairly moist except in winter and take the pots out of doors during summer showers.

For the garden, choose a sunny place, and soil which is reasonably retentive of moisture but is perfectly drained. If the soil is on the dry side, work in plenty of damp peat moss or compost. Since the plants are very small, do not let them become crowded by taller roses.
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