/ plants/plant-propagation/sowing-seeds-in-pots.cfmSeed can be sown in boxes, pots, seed-pans or flats (shallow boxes or trays). Sheets of glass and pieces of paper (newspaper will do, but thick brown paper is better) are needed to cover the receptacles until germination takes place. The glass is placed over the top of the receptacle to prevent rapid drying out and lessen the need for frequent watering, and the paper is placed over the glass to reduce light and ensure a nearly uniform temperature.

Preparation of Pots
Hygiene is most important. Pots, pans and boxes that have already been used should be well washed, scrubbed and air dried. New pots should be soaked in water for a few minutes before use, to allow the clay to absorb some moisture ; otherwise new pots will absorb the moisture from the potting medium and the plants will suffer.

Well in advance of their being needed, treat wooden boxes with a preservative which is known to be harmless to the roots of growing plants when used for this purpose. Wooden boxes are commonly used. These are usually 15 in. x 15 in., and 4 in. to 5 in. deep, the slats on the bottom in. apart or bored with holes in. to I in. in diameter and in. to 2 in. apart.
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