Shredders are a very useful aid to producing good quality and large quantities of compost by shredding your garden waste. They help to provide textured organic matter - anything from twigs and prunings etc which you would other wise not normally compost. They will greatly speed up the composting process and also increase your composts quality.

Garden shredders can turn your prunings,piles of leaves, flowersa and garden plants into instant high quality mulch and at the same time provide a source for rapid composting. Some of the powerful machines will even chip tree prunings and small branches branches more than 3" (75 millimeters) thick.

Some are capable of grinding clumps of earth and root balls into nice fine potting mix. By adding some shredded paper to your mix, you can help the improve the process and thus the compost.

Using garden shredders requires some practice. It is important that you get just the right mix of green (wet) and brown (dry) material. Too much dry may create choking dust, too much green and the outlet will clog.

Note: For saftey reasons, goggles and gloves are esserntial whist breathing gauze and ear plugs are too. Be sure to use a pusher stick - NEVER push by hand!

If you are in 2 minds, spend a bit more and get a bigger more powerful one - if you can too, get the quiestest one you can afford.
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