You can level an area fairly accurately by these means. You will need a straight edge and a carpenter's or bricklayer's spirit level. The straight edge could be a piece of 15 x 2.5 cm oregon or other, light timber, dressed straight and parallel and about 3 metres long. You will also need a quantity of square-top pegs.

Drive the first peg in to the required level, then drive in another peg just under 3 metres away. Place the straight edge on top of the two pegs, then place the spirit level on top of the straight edge. You then raise or lower the straight edge by adjusting the second peg so that the spirit level bubble is in the centre of its run.

Keep working in this way over the area until finally you have a number of pegs driven in at the right level. Finally, you add or take away soil to level up with tops of the pegs.