Natural light brings countless benefits to homes. It helps reduce energy consumption and transforms any gloomy interior into a room pulsating with energy and life. Window treatments and styles can help bring in the light; the same goes for doors.

However, the basic structure of sunrooms makes them the best choice when it comes to the natural light. These are special places where families can spend cozy time together and where friends can have livelier conversations. All these fun things and a lot more under the natural light from the sun.

Sunrooms do not necessarily expose the furniture and the whole interior to direct sunlight. There are different Sunroom designs and styles that can help homeowners manipulate lighting and benefit immensely from it.

Savvy Sunroom Styles

There is a Sunroom style for every house and taste. It is just a matter of having ample financial backing to get the design that one wants. Sunrooms can be built alongside the construction of new houses. But for older structures, renovation projects can allow the accommodation of these bright rooms.

The choice of style depends on many factors with cost being the primary one on the list. Other things to consider include the overall design of the house, the location of the sunroom, and the general climate of the place.

All-Season Sunrooms

This style is best suited for houses that enjoy the beauty of four seasons. It maximizes the use of natural light during the summer days and still makes the room bright even

the season ushers in gloomy skies. This style makes it possible to witness the first snowfall in winter as well as the first bloom of spring.

Sunrooms of this style can provide an excellent view of the outdoors. Face this sunroom where a garden landscape is located so that the beauty of the surrounding foliage, natural floral accents, birds and butterflies can be appreciated.

Moreover, this view would make it seems like bringing the outdoors within the walls of the house. It accords a front row seat to the beauty of nature.


More popularly known as “solariums,” this style has more functional purposes than just getting good lighting inside the house. Because of its basic architectural structure, the conservatory is the sunniest of all sunroom designs.

It is generally made of glass, from the walls to the ceiling. That is why it is widely preferred when housing indoors plants. Placing pieces of furniture in the middle of the room, in the midst of all the indoor foliage, can create the feel of an outdoor garden.

Other names for the conservatory sunroom are green house and atrium. These are used interchangeably but specific references come from different manufacturers. Under this style are three general architectural patterns. These are the Victorian, the Edwardian and lastly, the Gregorian.

Modern technology has made this sunroom style more convenient especially under the changing weather. Glass material naturally enhances the outdoor temperature inside the house. But with the addition of features like thermal insulators to modern glass, summer days are not as hot as they would be and the cold weather would not be as biting.

Studio sunrooms

This style is perhaps the most adjustable one in terms of the general house design. Additionally, it is also the cheapest one. Homeowners who want to benefit from natural lighting but do not have enough resources to allow for elaborate construction can settle for a studio sunroom.

It has no specific function unlike the conservatory type but it can be turned into one. Basically, the studio style can be whatever plans the homeowner has regarding its use. It can be a family room, a home office or even a library. This type is also best suited for small houses.

Before embarking on the construction of a sunroom, one needs to consider the main purpose for its creation. This will determine the overall input on the project in terms of labor cost and materials. Shop for contractors as well as suppliers to get the best deal there is.

With all the other aspects such as design and function put into mind, there is no reason to stop one from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. These entire natural splendor and more can be seen through an indoor view thanks to the natural lighting from sunrooms.