The great thing about growing tomatoes is that you are growing one of the most useful ingredients in the kitchen. Tomatoes are practically present in every cuisine there is, and they can be used to anything from gourmet meals to homemade snacks. Tomatoes are also easy to grow, more so compared to other crops. Given enough TLC, they can grow well indoors or outdoors, in containers or in beds or even in the new commercial tomato-growers that are sold in the market nowadays.

It is difficult to provide exact tips for growing tomatoes because most of its requirements would depend on which species you are growing and the gardening zone you are located in. You will have to consider other factors such as soil type and weather conditions as well. What you can be sure that your tomatoes will need - no matter where you are growing them - are regular watering and feeding.

Beginner-Friendly Types of Tomatoes to Grow

Here are several types of tomatoes that do not demand much from their owner and are likely to grow abundantly with sufficient care.


You can either grow them outdoors or in a green house. Their sweetness has a rather tangy flavour to it and they turn orange when ripe. It is better to water them in the morning and pick them after dark. This would give tomatoes enough time to have its sweetness fully concentrated.

If you are growing

Alicante tomatoes in the summer, make sure that you keep an eye out for blight, which is basically a fungal disease that appears in rainy days of summer leaves ugly streaks of blackened blotches on your fruits and leaves. If you catch sight of infected leaves or branches, remove them right away and have it disposed in an eco-friendly manner to prevent further spreading of the disease.

If the problem with blight gets worse, try using copper sulphate, which is an organic fungicide that would not do any harm to your tomatoes, especially if they are grown in greenhouses.

Lastly, keep in mind that Alicante tomatoes can grow into pretty tall cordons, thus requiring you to train them early on to stick to the appropriate canes.

Super Marmande

“Super” is the word indeed for this type of tomato, considering its size and appearance. These require lots of sunlight if you want to get an abundant crop. They are ideal for growing either in a cordon or bushes outdoors.

Black Russian

If you like to grow tomatoes that are exceptional in their appearance, then Black Russian tomatoes are what you need. Their skins look like rosewood - at its most polished. Their fruits are medium-sized only, but surely their beautiful appearance more than makes up for what they lack in size.


If you want something to complement the exotic beauty of your Black Russian tomatoes, then Tigerella would be a suitable choice. Also bearing medium-sized fruits, Tigerella is a cordon and produces tomatoes with unusual but pretty orange stripes. Its rather tangy flavour also makes it ideal for making homemade catsup.


They can be grown either outdoors or similar how to cherry cordons are grown. Sungold tomatoes must be picked early as they get less crunchy as days pass by. Many consider them as one of the best-tasting species of all.


It is best grown outdoors in either hanging pots or baskets. These will not require you to wait for a long time to enjoy your fruits as they are proven to be early producers than most and quite abundantly, too. You can also grow them indoors when placed in sill boxes with basil plants in it.

Gardener’s Deligt

Like sungold, they can also be grown like cherry cordons and their juiciness tends to deepen as the days become blessed with more sunlight. They are likely to thrive best in outdoor settings.


One glance at their skins, which are startlingly uniform in its redness, and it almost seem like grocery tomatoes have been artificially attached to plants. This variant of tomato will do particularly well when grown in greenhouses. They also grow quite abundantly.